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Friday, September 5, 2014

High Five for Friday {w/ life}

Whew. What a week. There’s something about coming back from an extra day off that makes you feel like you deserve just one more.  

So even though it was a short one, this week has been brutal.

Little things really.

Like realizing I never rinsed my coffee mug at work… and let it sit in a cabinet for a few months. Gross.

Dwelling on past friendships and feeling a pang of sadness that they’ve changed.

Uncertainty about the future.

And, a dear friend started chemotherapy yesterday. Which makes all of my issues even more immensely small.

But regardless of what’s going on, I truly believe that it’s important to have joy in all circumstances. Not always happiness, which relies on happenings and things to exist, but joy. Deep rooted, feel it in your soul, only comes from God, type of joy.

So here’s my high five for Friday. Five things that made me happy this week. But that even if they didn’t happen, I could still find joy.

1.       Taco Tuesday. We got together with friends from church for a local Mexican restaurant’s taco Tuesday. Great friends, good conversation, and cheap tacos and beer – doesn’t get much better.

2.       Fall décor. It may still be 85 degrees outside, but my little heart is full of richly colored leaves, spiced drinks, and crisp air. Someone please tell the weather to catch up.  

3.       Spending all weekend with my husband. This may seem ordinary, but really this hardly ever happens to us. Which is fine. We both like to get together with friends, or do our own activities. And we usually spend the majority of the weekend together. But this weekend we happened to be together the whole time. I think we were maybe apart for an hour. It was really refreshing to spend so much time together – it kind of felt like we were on vacation!

4.       A doggy door. Without fail, our pup ALWAYS wants to go outside immediately after we let him in. And. It. Drives. Me. Crazy. But we didn’t want to put in an actual dog door – raccoons are basically the worst creatures in the world and they will crawl into your house – so we’ve been looking for something that attaches to the screen. We found one at Home Depot and within 10 minutes my husband had cut out a section of the screen and inserted this handy door. Now whenever the door is open with the screen closed, our little Chan-man can come and go as he sees fit.

5.       Monday off. Even though it makes me feel entitled to more days off, or always having a three day weekend, this little extra day was really what I needed. And while it would be insanely awesome to always have a three day weekend (I’ve got it all planned out: a day of play, a day of chores and a day of rest), I’ll take whatever I can get.



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