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Friday, April 20, 2012

A Funny Named Fruit

That's right, we're talking about Kumquats.

A fruit that I have only recently discovered. For years I confused them with another "quat", the loquat.

Kumquats however, are quite different. A sweet, edible rind coats an almost unbearably sour, juicy inside. These little bad boys will have you near tears with their sour pucker. But if you're a citrus fan (I am! I am!) you will find them almost addictive.

A co-worker brought in a large bag of them a few weeks ago. I had to be coaxed into eating one. "You mean you eat the rind? Really?" But, being one who is always game to try new things, I gave it a shot. It wasn't long after that I took a handful for myself.

A friend recommended refrigerating them. Not necessary, but a definite enhancement. There's something about eating them cold that brings out the sweet flavor of the rind to perfectly contrast the acidic flesh of the fruit.

Since then I've been on the lookout to find them again. My local grocer, farmer's market.... no such luck, until last night. There they were, packed and saran wrapped in a small basket. Without hesitation I plopped them in my cart. Forget dinner, as soon as I got home I was washing and soon after devouring them. I ate so many my lips were tingling from their sour punch.

As of yet, I've only been eating them on their own. But I found a few recipes around the web in case you'd like to try them prepared. Enjoy!

I'd love to try them, but I can't seem to stop eating them long enough to use them in a recipe. Do you like kumquats?


  1. You eat, the rind? Well I guess I will just have to try them next time you leave me some. But I think we should try the jam, or the ice cream, or possibly the kumquat sour...they all sound delicious!

  2. ahhh love your cute blog:) and I have the same mug from anthro...sooo cute, we got them for our wedding!

    1. Thanks for your kind words... my mug was a gift from a bestie :)


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