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about me


This blog is a collection of some of my favorite recipes, crafts, decor ideas, travel and more. 
I like farmers markets, artisan foods, home-made cupcakes and drinking out of mason jars. 
Saturday afternoons you will find me reading out on my back deck
or at the beach with my husband and dog. 

Speaking of husbands, this is Steven.
You can see pictures of our big day here and here.

This is Chandler, our sweet pup. 

 Why "with milk & sugar"? Well, because that's the way I take my tea. 

So please sip and stay awhile.

For sponsorship and advertising opportunities email me at wms(dot)kristin (at) gmail(dot)com

Photos: All photos are my own unless otherwise noted and linked. 
I shoot on a Nikon d3000 {lenses 50mm f1.8 and18-55mm}. 
Sometimes I use my iPhone and Instagram. 
Photos of me are likely taken by the husband.


  1. hai Kristin,
    i loooove milk with tea too!!!

  2. I like my tea with milk (cream) and sugar too!!!! I grew up on it. It's the "Irish" way, according to our family anyway! My dad studied in Ireland and that's when he got hooked on it.

  3. Hi Kristin - really nice to meet you this weekend! I hope your dinner at Spur was fantastic!


  4. I love your pup's name!!! Nice to "meet" you!


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