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Monday, August 11, 2014

Non-GMO, "Morena" Sugar: Zulka Sugar {w/ reviews}


It's in the name of my blog.

But believe it or not, for years I have not paid any attention to the type of sugar options available. It's silly, I know. For someone who shops at three different grocery stores -- because I know what items are the best quality and price and where to find them on what day of the week -- I have never thought twice about what type of sugar I buy.

Call it familiarity or nostalgia, but I've always bought the type that comes in the pink and white bag, without even looking at the cost or quality.

Let your angry comments start. I know, I know. It's awful. Especially when you think about how much effort goes into producing sugar. When we went to Hawaii last fall we drove through an old sugar plantation, and I relearned something I remember hearing years ago: that it takes upwards of three feet of sugar cane to make one teaspoon of sugar. Crazy right?

All this is to say, that it may be a good idea to think twice about what you buy.

That's why when I was contacted by Zulka Pure Cane Sugar, I was more than happy to try a new-to-me product.

Not only is Zulka free from GMOs (genetically modified organisms), but it is a "morena" sugar -- a term to describe sugars that do not go through the typical refining process. The taste of morena sugar is more true to actual sugar cane. I've used it in everything from lemonade and mojitos to cheesecake, and the taste is great. Especially in the lemonade and mojitos where you can actually taste the flavor of the sugar. At first, I was worried that it wouldn't blend as well because it has a slightly coarser texture (not as much as some other raw sugars), but I didn't have a problem with it at all.

Another thing I liked about the family-owned company is that they're committed to sustainability. The sugar cane comes from small farms in Mexico and is minimally processed. And the mills are powered by electricity the company makes itself.


I was surprised that the cost was on par with other brands, and cheaper than other natural sugars.

 So let me know, what kinds of things do you consider when you choose a sugar brand?

I received Zulka sugar in exchange for sharing my thoughts in this post. All opinions are completely my own. 


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