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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer Reading {w/ life}


What are you reading this summer?

So far, I've devoured The Fault in our Stars (John Green), The One and Only (Emily Giffin) and Little Earthquakes (Jennifer Weiner).

Last summer I read through ALL of Emily Giffin's books. They are so easy-to-read and really explore unique situations and examine the emotions that go along with them. Plus, I like that they aren't too scandalous. (Well, besides the first chapter of Something Borrowed -- sleeping with your best friend's fiance is pretty scandalous!)

This summer, I'm diving into books by Jennifer Weiner. She's such a funny writer, and I love how her characters (the ones I've read so far) are so relatable, slightly self-deprecating and just real.

A lot of people rip on so-called chic lit, but I must admit -- I love it. It's entertaining. And yes the topics are usually very chic-y but more often than not the characters are well-developed. To me, a book is always about the characters.

And of course, the must-read book this summer, for anyone even slightly aware of Hollywood and pop culture, is The Fault in our Stars.

I've never really been one to reread a book. Except for To Kill a Mockingbird, once I read a book, I'm basically done with it. Even if I thoroughly enjoyed it, which I often do, I usually have no desire to read it again.

But Fault is one of those books you really want to read again, because you almost instinctually know that you missed something. Something deep, hidden within. A meaning that maybe you understood initially on the surface, but once you've seen the entire story unfold, you really want to read again and try to take everything in.

It's sad, and while I love tear-jerker movies, tear-jerker books are hard since sometimes it becomes so unbelievably difficult to keep reading and just keep your eyes open.

I always tend to read a lot during the summer. I combination of beach days, lunch time reading sessions, and to be honest, the television hiatus (although there are only a few shows I watch now since we don't have cable).

So tell me, what are you reading this summer?


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