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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Busy. {w/ life}

hello friends.... allow me to introduce myself. I'm Kristin, the writer of this blog. You may not remember me because it's been so long.

It's true, this little blog has been neglected a bit over the last few weeks. Hopefully you forgive me.

My mind has been elsewhere. A good elsewhere though.

Last week I landed a new job (woohoo!). Since then my mind has been preoccupied. I will also use this as an excuse for my neglect in the preceding weeks, since I was in the process of interviewing.

Here's a little of what I've been doing besides work:

Enjoying the Carlsbad Flower Fields. My new position is actually within the same company so I don't have to give up the great location. I get to see the thousands of flowers each day at lunch from March through May.


Steven, Chandler and I, along with our friend Travis and his sweet pup April, spent an afternoon at the local dog beach. Chandler was completely worn out and actually sore for a few days. He kept wincing when we'd touch him. I guess he over did it a little.

welcome to the blog Travis!

Tuesday night was spent "peepjousting". Have you tried it? Two opposing peeps face off in a battle to the death. Armed with tooth picks, the last peep standing is the victor. It's an epic battle.

It's really quite fun. You take 2 peeps (of different colors)  and place them in the microwave. Have them face each other and stick toothpicks to point at the other. Microwave them (30 seconds at most) and enjoy! The peeps puff up and one usually ends up stabbing the other.

This would be so much fun to do with kids! Or you know, two adults on a Tuesday night.

Tomorrow, I am privileged to be hosting the lovely Sarah of To Be Mrs. Collier. She is such a smarty! And in all the best ways. This gal is a Christian, a wife, a frugal shopper, a creative crafter, and a PhD candidate. How does she do it all?
Tomorrow she will be sharing some adorable Easter treats.
Be sure to check back for the recipe and give Sarah some bloglove.

{speaking of blog love, a big thank you to everyone who is following me on Bloglovin. You guys rock!}   


  1. Haha I love peep jousting! This cracked me up!
    Which dog beach do you normally go to? I will normally take my girls up to the one in Del Mar, but I've always been curious if there is a good one closer!


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