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Friday, June 8, 2012

Gourmet Lunch Trucks {w/ food}

If you haven't already noticed, food trucks are popping up all over the place.

And not your typical run of the mill greasy, fried food serving type of trucks.

More and more frequently they are hand-crafted, fresh, and even gourmet.

Discover SD wrote a post on the top 10 food trucks in San Diego back in February of 2011. On their list is my favorite, Miho Gastrotruck.

I discovered Miho last fall. The 2 Miho trucks drive around San Diego making stops in differents locations on different days of the week. They added Carlsbad to their rotation list and I was hooked. The food is amazing! It is a true farm-to-table experience with most of the fruits and vegetables being grown locally and the prepared products locally sourced.

Here are some of the items on their menu this week:

grass fed beef, farmers market stone fruit chutney, goat cheese, local arugula, jerk aioli, local gourmet bun / 8.25
all natural lamb, harissa aioli, goat cheese, caramelized onion, local arugula, local ciabatta / 9.5
local squash blossom, anaheim chile & citrus salsa, caramelized onion, local arugula, Spring Hill cheddar, cotija, local flour tortilla / 7.75
larb-style all natural Berkshire pork, fresh local mint, local cabbage, fresh red onion, hoisin, whole wheat bun / 8.25
all natural Berkshire pork, hand made guacamole, fire roasted salsa, house pickled red onion, cotija, local corn tortilla / 2 for 7.95
quinoa, farro, beet & carrot patty, havarti, local butter leaf, grilled red onion, herb aioli, local whole wheat / 7.75

I seem to always end up getting some type of hamburger, but coworkers have also raved about the carnitas and these spicy chicken biscuit sammy's they have sometimes. Another amazing item? "The bello". A balsamic marinated portobello sandwich. It makes me believe I could be a vegetarian. But when it's not available I go for the beef hamburger. So maybe I wouldn't be a good vegetarian.

The menu changes fairly frequently, just enough to give a good variety.

Have you tried any great food trucks lately? If not I'd highly recommend it.

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  1. I wish we had food trucks around here! The bellows sounds amazing!


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