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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wine Barrel Garden Planter {w/ gardening}

Spring is {almost} here!

Well, maybe not for everyone. But we had gorgeous summer style weather on Saturday. And although it only really lasted a day (Sunday was 20 degrees cooler), it got me in the spring spirit. Which meant getting my hands dirty and going to town on my garden.

Last year my garden was awesome. Not to brag, but it was incredible {ummm, that sounds like bragging}. I had more zucchini and tomatoes than I could handle. But with the colder months, I kind of just let it go. So, after the glimpse of summer that showed itself on Saturday, I decided to get things ready.

I weeded and tilled my garden bed, swept the deck, and wiped down the table and chairs. An hour and a half, 1 blister, 2 calluses, and a sore back later, and my little backyard was ready. But I still had to wait until real spring to plant my vegetable garden.

So.... I decided to get a head start on my container gardening.

In particular, I decided to actually use the HUGE half wine barrel we got on our trip to Napa last year and  grow some strawberries.

Here's what you'll need:
half wine barrel

potting mix and a drill

apple cider vinegar and a spray bottle
fine wire mesh, wire cutters, and heavy duty staple gun
 How To

Start by drilling drainage holes in the bottom of your barrel. They should be nickel to quarter sized. We (my husband) made five.

Then cut the wire mesh to cover the holes and staple on the inside. This will help keep the soil in but allow the water to drain. Some soil will fall through, but it's ok. It will eventually compact so that there will be very little mess.

Now here's the funny/weird part. Take a spray bottle and fill with some apple cider vinegar and spray the bottom and inside of the barrel. Apparently the vinegar helps kill any fungus

Next, fill with soil and plant away! 

Can't wait to {hopefully} get some fresh strawberries!


  1. So jealous! We don't have any spots where we could make gardening work. Another reason why I cannot wait to have a house.

  2. that's awesome!
    i can't wait to see your strawberry grows

  3. You're so talented! I would love to have a garden someday. My Dad always had a hugeeee vegetable garden growing up, and all summer we loved the fresh produce. Your barrel of strawberries looks beautiful!

  4. You are amazing! I so wish I could garden. However my apartments tiny deck doesn't allow me too. One day when I have a house! For now I still need to buy some plants for a little greenery in the apartment.

  5. You have inspired me!! I might need to make a trip to home depot this weekend, and I LOVE the wine barrel.
    I'm loving this weather too, my June bearing strawberry plant is already sprouting little green buds!!

  6. So jealous!!! Having grown up in the country I love fresh fruits and veggies, but now that I'm living in the city I so miss the planting, harvesting and enjoying fresh produce!!

  7. Yay!! I love this. We are getting things ready to plant a garden at our new house that we are moving into. Gardening while moving? Yeah, not a great idea. Most of the gardening I've been able to do is in my head still. Lol! But I did order my seeds and I have to plans to till soon :D I really wanted to grow strawberries this year, I love the idea of doing them in a wine barrel!

  8. P.S. it was gorgeous and sunny up here in Central Cali on Saturday too. And suddenly its rainy today!

  9. ooh must do this!! i know they sell the wine barrels at lowes and now i have a project my husband can do for me so we can get our summer gardening on! cant wait thanks for this tutorial

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Thanks for the vinegar tip - I haven't heard that before. I wonder where I can get a big wine barrel in MO? Hmmm...


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