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Friday, February 22, 2013

Channy-boo-boo {w/ pet life} & a GIVEAWAY




Chan Man. 



and, finally Channy-boo-boo. 

I am embarrassed to admit, 
but these are all nicknames I have for my puppy, 
whose real name is Chandler (Bing).  

Please people, tell me I am not alone in this category. Anyone else have nicknames for their pet?

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  1. Hahahah my dog's name is Spirit, and we call her nunu, nunie, and nunes. All of which are nothing even close to her real name. I think nicknames are signs of true puppy love :)

  2. I call Ty by all kinds of names. Ty Ty, Ty Buckles, Ty Bo Bos, Ty-Dye, Ty Buddies, and Ty Biscuits. And then, when I call him Ty Buckles, I put his name into the Indiana Jones theme song in a really high pitched sing songy voice. It's embarrassing... but there it is. =)

  3. I don't have a dog, but I love the name of yours. Love the Friends reference!

  4. I prefer the name Ms. Chanadler Bong haha! That video is way too cute!

  5. I have three dogs and they all have multiple nicknames :)

  6. oh chan chan! you are adorable! I have SO many names for my cat. HIs actual name is Logan, but I call him Yogi, Yogi Bera, Bo Bear, Baby Bo... I hope no one ever records me because I don't want to hear what I sound like haha!


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