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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Inspirational Photo Collage Wall {w/ decor}

We've said goodbye to our house, but I still have projects that I thought would be nice to share here. So bear with me and let's pretend I just finished this project and am a good blogger who posts about it a few days later, instead of a few months. OK, now that we've got that cleared up. 

Recently, I wanted a way to visually display inspiration. Simple words, pretty pictures. I had some blank wall space that could use some life and decided a photo collage would be perfect because....

  • Photos could easily be swapped out over time, or by the season. 
  • New frames could be added over time, if I wanted. 
  • The idea of a collage is feminine and whimsical, but neutral enough for the main room of the house. 

Choosing the frames was tougher than I imagined. Most of the other frames in our house are black with a white matte. Simple, clean, streamlined. So at first I thought that would be an easy route to go. But given the nature of the photos - printable quotes, pretty pictures with inspirational phrases - I decided I needed something with more character.

I found these frames at Marshalls (have you been to their home goods section? Amaaahzing.) and spent a good twenty minutes laying them out in the aisle to see how they looked together. I would have loved to have picked out the frames at garage sales or flea markets, but was rather impatient and wanted them now and couldn't bear to spend weeks or months shopping. But, if you have the patience I highly recommend it.

I tried to choose frames with materials and shapes that would complement each other without being too matchy. I made sure the two black ones are different styles (one has soft, rounded edges and the other is blunt) and that they were positioned apart from each other. The green pop of color (that matched other accent colors in the room) is prominent and surrounded by the neutral tones.

I was happy with the results and cannot wait to hang them in our new house.... our someday house since we haven't found anything yet. But when we do, they will be there to brighten my day again. 


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