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Monday, December 2, 2013

Jolly Christmas Ornaments - 3 versions! {w/ crafts}

happy December!

Today I'm sharing three easy, peasy ornament ideas.

Here's what you'll need:
plain glass ornaments (I got mine from Michaels)
acrylic paints
mod podge
paint brush
festive napkins
plain paper

Option 1.

Start by mixing the acrylic paints together in a container to get the desired hue. I mixed plain red with gold and brown to get a warm and glittery color. But you could do anything! Let your creative juices flow. Try using different hues of the same color or pair complimentary tones. Add just a teensy bit of water so that the paint is fluid. Using a steady hand, or funnel, pour paint into the orb and mix around so that the paint completely coats the inside. Pour out the excess paint and let dry upside down. Every once it a while move it back and forth to get out any excess paint. 

I tied them with ribbon and placed them in a footed bowl for added decor around the house. 

Option 2. 

To personalize the first ornament you can add holiday words or phrases. 

I printed up several different Christmas words and phrases and then mod-podged them onto the ornaments. I used resume paper (since it was what I had on hand) and it worked perfectly! The ivory color gave it the perfect vintage/rustic feel and the texture of the paper actually made it easy to tear into  pieces. Double win!

You can print up your own phrases or you can use the document I created here. This would also be adorable handwritten, especially by children. 

Option 3. 

I found these festive napkins at TJ Maxx. They were 3 bucks and as cute as can be so I picked them up, knowing that I would use them eventually. Then it donned on me to use them on the ornaments. 

I ripped the napkins up into smaller pieces, about 3" x 3".  Then I painted the glass ornament with mod podge and formed the napkin around so that it was completely covered. I coated it all with mod podge and let dry. 

I have to admit, this one is my favorite. I tied it with some twine and cannot wait until my tree is up so I can hang this baby.

So there you have it, three easy ornament crafts. Perfect for the whole family.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Round Up {w/ Sunday Currently}

Five days, three turkey dinners.

That was my Thanksgiving this year, or shall I say Thanksgivings.

It started on Sunday with a family dinner - my family and the husband's family. This was the first time we had a combo celebration, and it was so nice to have everyone together and meld the traditions.

Second Thanksgiving was with some very dear friends. Lots of wine, amaaazing cornbread stuffing and bacon turkey. Oh yeah, it's a thing. Basket-weaved bacon on and inside the turkey... yum!

Third Thanksgiving: Dinner with different friends at their cute house. A few kitchen mishaps - the kind that stories and memories are made of - and plenty of laughter. We played board games after and for the first time I didn't win (it's a blessing and a curse, I tell ya).

Now I'm spending my Sunday relaxing, watching t.v. and eating leftovers.

... up on the pros and cons of mounting a t.v. over the fireplace. We may have a house soon... more details once everything is finalized.

... to the sound of the kettle... my tea is ready.

... about the piles of laundry I still need to do before going back to work tomorrow.

... tea that I picked up in New York earlier this year from Alice's Tea Cup. It's the house blend of black and green tea with vanilla.

... I had more time before going back to work. I love my job, but four days off is such a teaser. Just when you start to get used to the whole vacation thing it's time to go back.

... today is the kind of long and slow and dreamy day that December is made of.

... cropped sweat pants and a plain tank top... pajamas :)

... how my dog slowly inches his way farther and farther up the bed. Sneaky Chandler...

... breakfast.

... lazy.

... on Pinterest pins.

Enjoy your Sunday!
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