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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Berry Iced Tea

Today is another unseasonably warm day in San Diego. It is absolutely beautiful. I couldn't help but brew some iced tea and sit outside to enjoy the sun and a new book. Any other commitments or responsibilities I had for the day will have to wait.

Our gardenia bush had one beautiful flower, tucked away behind the trellis. I snipped it and put in some water so I could enjoy its fragrance while I read my new book, The Hunger Games. I'm sure I am the absolute last person to jump on this bandwagon, but can I just say it is so good! I understand what all the hype is about.

Berry Iced Tea isn't so much a recipe, but a simple upgrade for your standard black iced tea. Regardless, I'll share my steps for a delicious slightly sweetened tea.

Berry Iced Tea {6 servings}
4 black tea bags
frozen raspberries, blueberries
mint (for garnish)

1. Heat about 6 cups water in tea kettle and bring to boil.
2. Steep 4 tea bags according to instructions (I use Lipton's black tea)
3. Pour over about 3 cups of ice.
4. Pour into glasses with more ice and add frozen berries. Top with fresh mint.


  1. This sounds soooo yummy and perfect for the spring and summer! I am definitely going to make this and pretend I am living in the country, sitting in a rocking chair on my wraparound porch, and listing the my country music! Haha!

  2. You are definitely the kids' godmother! Sometimes they see a perfect flower that they just have to have. They will take it and enjoy it to it's fullest. I heard the Hunger Games are really good (you aren't the last to jump on that bandwagon). Finish the series and then tell me all about it, I might just have to read them, too.

    1. I will definitely tell you if they're good and if you want you can borrow the books.

  3. looks awesome!


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