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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

long. distance. friendships. {w/ life}

We've all been there. College. A new job. For some reason or other, life changes and the people in it, suddenly aren't.

So how do you keep a friendship going strong, when you're on other sides of the country?

Today I'm over at Unwritten, guest posting on how to keep a friendship close, even when you couldn't be farther away. I'm sharing a few of the things I do to keep my long distance friendships strong. So go say hi to Katie (she's one of my long distance friends) and please let me know, what do you do to keep your far away friends close?

circa 2007


  1. I love this post! I have a Katie too. We became best friends in high school and then went to separate colleges nearly 240 miles and four hours away. We didn't talk every day but we did leave hundreds of voice mails while walking to/from class. Another way that we allowed our relationship to go from afar was sending packages and snail mail. 9 years later, both married and we still do.

  2. My best friend lives in FL! It's very hard to stay in touch but at the same time it's really easy. Texting, calling, snail mail, cute little gift packages and instagram is how we stay in touch! Plus trips whenever we can!

  3. My best friend lives in California - so I totally understand. It seems like everytime we see each other it was just yesterday. We send cards and have lots of phone time.

  4. It is so hard to keep friendships strong when you live far away! Distance can be a horrible thing. Basically facebook and instagram are how I stay in touch!

    I tagged you on my blog!

  5. [ new follower! :) ]

    My best friend moved away for school a year and a half ago and it STINKS! I miss seeing her every day at school and such. We talk and text pretty often and occasionally have a facebook chat date. We've also been working at writing letters consistantly, which is really fun. We like to try to surprise each other with visits but that doesn't usually stay a secret, haha.

  6. it stinks having a best friend move far away and it is even more crucial to keep in touch and keep that friendship strong. not all do unfortunately but those that do are all the more special


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