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Friday, December 21, 2012

High Five for Friday

Linking up with Lauren from From My Grey Desk today. Everyday this week has felt like Friday. It’s been pretty awesome actually.
We did Secret Santa this week in my office, so throughout the week I was sneaking presents over to the person I had and having things magically appear on my desk when I turned my back. It was so fun! It felt like Christmas came early. The person who had me clearly knows I have a baking obsession – here is my new mini muffin/cupcake pan with reusable silicone liners.

This week, like this season is general, revolved around eating. Snacked on these sweet and tangy jalapeno peppers. They are amazing atop a cracker with cream cheese.

Wednesday we had our party for the high school small group I lead. 10 teenage girls, cookie dough, Just Dance 3, Quelf (hilarious board game), a jar of onion dip and a bag of potato chips. That pretty much sums up our night.

My new rose gold watch from the Red Circle Boutique (aka Target). Wore it yesterday with a fitted plaid button down under a dark grey cashmere sweater. This this may be my Christmas outfit this year.

Lastly, the enormous Christmas tree in the student lobby of my work. It is at least 11 feet tall and just gorgeous.


  1. that watch is adorable!! great choice and that tree is enormous! have a great Christmas Kristin

  2. Very cute watch! I love your plaid shirt too. I'm totally into flannels!

    Merry Christmas!


  3. I wanna see that whole outfit, looks awesome!

  4. Love your name for Target, I might be starting to use that as well :)


  5. While Christmas shopping for a watch for the bf, I fell IN LOVE with rose gold watches!! I had no idea Target had some, I might need to go get stocking stuffer for myself : )

  6. Looks like a perfect Friday- love that Rose watch, so pretty!

  7. Ooh! Peppers and cream cheese? I'm gonna try this. LOVE THAT WATCH!


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