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Monday, May 13, 2013

New York State of Mind {w/ travel}

It's hard to believe my trip to New York was over a month ago - the time since then has gone by so quickly!

I've already shared a few pictures in my last post about the trip, but I have yet to introduce my dear friends that made it so special. These ladies have been my best friends for 10 years!
Amanda, Erica, Ashley & me. 

I love to travel - exploring new places, trying new foods, seeing beautiful sights, immersing myself in another culture, I love it all. But travelling with the right people makes it even better.

The photo above is when we went to Washington Square Park. We expected to walk around and enjoy the park and the relatively good weather of the day. What we found was an onslaught of people with pillows. Yes, pillows. Turns out we wandered into the park on International Pillow Fight Day. It was insane - hundreds, if not over a thousand, people engaged in the ultimate pillow fight. The feathers were flying everywhere.
an aerial shot

We watched {safely} from a distance, then walked around Greenwich Village - shopping, and of course eating. Speaking of eating, get ready for A Very Incomplete Guide to NYC Eateries, debuting tomorrow.


  1. Yes, the right people can make or break a trip. Looks like you had THE RIGHT people to make the trip perfect :)

  2. Looked like an incredible trip...loved following your pics on instagram!!!!

  3. I am loving these posts. I really enjoy looking at photos from places I've never been. Definitely wanna go to New York someday!


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